Your relaxation  and refresh button begins in our waiting room.

Your relaxation  and refresh button begins in our waiting room.

Meet Glebe Massage Therapist Sarah Whiston:

Sarah Whiston, RMT, ART (cert)  

Registered Massage Therapist and Active Release Techniques Provider, Clinic Owner

Sarah is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and graduated from CDI College in 2006 with a massage therapy diploma.  Prior to pursuing massage therapy, she completed an undergraduate degree in Communications, and spent six years in the Canadian Armed Forces working in various combat service roles as a Logistics Officer.  Sarah is an athlete with a diverse competitive background in cross country running, nordic skiing, soccer, rowing and swimming.  Over the past 10 years she has completed various half marathon and full marathon distances, including the Boston Marathon in 2011.  As an athlete,  she is passionate about helping people avoid and overcome injury and encourages a prevention-based strategy using both Massage and ART.  She really understands the importance of a quick return to activity for anyone and any lifestyle.

Since 2010, she has had a baby girl and a boy and become privy to the rigorous but rewarding training schedule of what she likes to call the mommy marathon (an endurance event that never ends!).  She has a strong belief that pregnancy is a state of wellness that should be nurtured and a true passion and understanding when treating prenatal and postnatal clients.  

Sarah has a wide range of treatment experience focusing on resolving various soft tissue injuries and pathologies resulting from athletic injuries, overuse syndromes, postural strain,  chronic pain and pregnancy.   Sarah is fully certified in Active Release Techniques for upper and lower extremities, spine and nerve entrapments.  She is also trained in the application of biomechanical tape (Dynamic Tape) to assist your recovery from injury and improve overall posture. 

Sarah is a fitness instructor at The Dailey Method - Glebe, Ottawa's Barre Fitness Studio  - a challenging strength training workout combining the best elements of yoga, pilates and orthopaedic exercises to create strong, dense and lean muscles for any fitness level.

My professional commitment is to help you to find wellness and balance in your body and life. 

I hear it all the time.  People have all the good intentions to spend more time exercising, eating right or getting more sleep.  They want to feel better, move better and live better.  Sometimes people are too far into their bad habits or restrictive routines or they are used to living with pain that it seems a daunting task to get to the place they want to be physically.  This is often draining to us not only physically but mentally and emotionally; thus affecting every corner of our lives.  

My philosophy is simple (maybe too simple but bear with me simple is good).  If we feel better living in our bodies we live a better life, we live more fully and we experience life with the joy and freedom we were meant to.  We can start making small changes and one day we will be there.  

There are a number of ways we can positively influence our bodies, and my area of focus is on the soft tissues (muscles, fascia, nerves, ligaments).  Our daily life and postures often leave many of us hunched forward, focusing in the same postures for hours at a time. This leaves our bodies affected and stuck in shortened positions.  Active individuals also experience this after a strenuous workout or ongoing training.  Unless we are doing something after our repetitive activities of life to re-balance the body we can experience less than desirable physical effects.  I want to help you maintain or get back your healthy roots so you can feel great in the body you are in.  I can say with certainty that people don't know what they are missing until they experience a great therapeutic massage.  I'm talking about getting into the soft tissue of the body, layers deep. I am talking about really doing something about what is unbalanced using therapeutic massage or Active Release Technique (ART) or both.  I realise that what I can do for you as a therapist often represents only one piece of a body puzzle, but it is a fantastic start for some and sometimes all that is needed for others. So, whatever the reason; to recover from a simple or serious injury, to focus on relieving key areas of tension or stress, or simply to maintain feeling well in the body you are in,  I challenge you to live your adventures of everyday life the best way possible.  Feeling better.  Feeling agile and energetic.  Feeling Refreshed in body and mind.