Reclaiming Selfish to Make Powerful and Positive Changes in Your Life

I hear it all the time.  People have all the good intentions to spend more time exercising, eating right or getting more sleep.  They want to feel better, move better and live better. Sometimes people are too far into their bad habits or restrictive routines or are used to living with pain that it seems a daunting task to get to the place they want to be physically. This is often draining to us not only physically but mentally and emotionally; thus affecting every corner of our lives.  My philosophy is simple (maybe too simple but bear with me simple is good).  

If we feel better living in our bodies we live a better life, we live more fully and we experience life with the joy and freedom we were meant to.  We can start making small changes and one day we will be there.  

Our daily life and postures often leave many of us hunched forward focusing in the same postures for hours at a time. This leaves our bodies affected and stuck in shortened positions. Active individuals also experience this after a strenuous workout or ongoing training.  Unless we are doing something after our repetitive activities of life to re-balance our bodies, we can experience less than desirable physical effects.  I want to help you maintain or get back your healthy roots so you can feel great in the body you are in.  I can say with certainty that people don't know what they are missing until they experience a great therapeutic massage.  I'm talking about getting into the soft tissue of the body layers deep. I am talking about doing something about what is unbalanced using massage and Active Release Technique(ART) or both.  I realize that what I can do as a therapist often represents only one piece of a body puzzle, but it is a fantastic start for some and sometimes all that is needed for others. So, whatever the reason; to recover from a simple or serious injury, to focus on relieving key areas of tension or stress, or simply to maintain feeling well in the body we are in,  I challenge you to live your adventures of everyday life the best way possible.  Feeling good.  Feeling agile and energetic. Feeling Rooted in Wellness.

So, I want to expand on what I have said as part of my professional philosophy, and beyond my commitment to you as a therapist, explain how this impacts my own life.  I am a fairly new mother of two and my life most days is made up of either being at home with two little people under 3 years old or being at work in the clinic.  It is often one or the other.  Coming into work at the clinic is actually a "break", and I do enjoy it.  I love doing what I do helping others feel their best and making a positive impact on their lives.  It is a physical job and people ask me all the time how I do it.  I hear "aren't you so tired", and "how do you do this for hours".  I know it sounds crazy but I get energy from it.  I feel energized knowing that people are leaving the clinic feeling better than when they came in and that I am part of their path to living in a happy body.  It is a nice position to be in where many look forward to their appointment (or at least how they feel when it is over!).

But, part of me feeling good and being able to feel energetic (and therefore be at my best) while I work means I also need my own outlets.  For me, that is making sure I make time for myself, I call it my selfish time.  It is a very powerful statement to yourself and to the others around you.  My personal definition of selfish is actually a very positive one, contrary to what most think of at first.  I consider it taking time to myself so that I have more "quality me" to give back to others.  It is saying  "I matter first in order to care for the others around me the best".  It goes without saying that I am talking about the majority of times when we can rationally make this a priority.

Without your best self to give, you will find multiple facets in your life diminish greatly over time.  For me, a favourite selfish necessity is often simply going for a run.  I am not currently training for any distance race, so even if I go out for 30-45 mins or even 5 kilometers, it is enough.  Yoga and some brief meditation during is another activity that leaves me feeling centered and balanced.  It sounds so cliche but it is so true for me.  These personal commitments to myself are a small part of my days or weeks but they really do make me feel like a nicer person, mother and wife.   I do have empathy for anyone who struggles to have this because for me it is a struggle some days and some weeks in particular.  So I would like to end this post by challenging you to make it a high priority do something "selfish" for yourself. Do something active, something quiet, something a bit healthy ;) -- whatever makes you happy or just a little more sane.  Even for 10 minutes.  I promise it will brighten your day; and so, the others in your life as well.