Dynamic Tape in the Clinic

Dynamic Tape is an amazing Biomechanical tape!  It is a unique, strongly elastic tape which I am trained to use to treat many sport, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. It allows the wearer to assist or resist movement, facilitate, inhibit and offload tissue through full range of motion. This is possible due to its highly elastic "four way stretch" nature (no endpoint like kinesiotapes) which is necessary when taping multi joint muscles that are performing complex movements! There is much more to it, but in most cases the tape is applied to mimic the action of the injured tendon or muscle & is applied in a shortened position (with appropriate stretch on the tape). As the muscle or joint then lengthens in movement, the tape is stretched further and thereby absorbs the load (like a bungee cord!) --which reduces the eccentric (lengthened) load on the subpar muscles involved. Then, as the muscle or joint shortens, the elastic potential energy is released back into the dynamic kinetic chain, thereby assisting in the concentric action (shortening) of the muscle.

Used by many professional sports teams internationally.  For more product information:  http://www.dynamictape.com/history

Used by many professional sports teams internationally.  For more product information:  http://www.dynamictape.com/history

END GAME: decreased workload of the recovering tissue, less pain, improved healing, endurance and overall performance.

I have had great success in the clinic applying for both athletic and everyday use when one is not at 100% but still needs to train/compete, and also to improve postural issues/strained muscles.

Book an application of Dynamic Tape online for after your massage or active release techniques session, or come in for just a tape application (current and previous clients only).  Please ask me for more information.