Prenatal Massage for Ottawa Women

Sarah believes that pregnancy is a state of wellness that should be nurtured and respected.  She is amazed at the strength and resilience of the woman’s body to develop and nurture another human being!  She also understands that it is tough work. Having two young children herself, she understands what being pregnant feels like and how important it is to mentally nurture yourself and the body that is growing and supporting your baby.  Taking time to yourself to rejuvenate and recover the muscles and systems of your body is very important as it can have deep effects on how a woman experiences this exciting time.  Soothing activities during pregnancy have been shown to calm the mother, and the baby as well.  Targeted prenatal massage therapy can help to balance the woman's compensating body by easing the strain and tension in the soft tissue areas that expand and support the growth of the baby.  

Common prenatal symptoms that prenatal massage therapy can ease: 

  • sacroiliac joint discomfort
  • "sciatica" pain - tension through the hips external rotator muscles, sometimes causing compression on the sciatic nerve (a deep butt pain and sometimes shooting pain down the leg with or without tingling and numbness)
  • back tension; commonly deep along the spine and across the posterior pelvis 
  • hip and gluteal tension
  • aching legs
  • heavy feet
  • muscle spasms
  • intercostal pains in the ribcage
  • headaches from upper back and neck compensation
  • sleep disturbances from any of the above or general stress.

Come into the clinic and lie down fully supported on a Body Cushion.  Many clients confess it is the only time they are able to physically let go and not feel pregnant during the treatment time.  

Pregnancy Massage Body Cushion

Taking time to tune into the body to truly relax and enjoy a massage therapy treatment is so important. To help achieve this effect, Sarah uses an adaptable body cushioning system that is well designed to allow for a safe and comfortable massage while lying face down during all 3 trimesters.  This 5 piece cushion and adjuster set is constructed with specialized foam and it can be expanded to support and customize the comfort of the woman having treatment.   The pregnant body is fully supported on the front of the bony prominences while lying on the front; the body is contacting the cushion at the level of the chest bone, rib cage underneath the breast tissue and the pelvis below the abdomen.  Mama and baby are then able to let go of gravity for a little while with the spine in alignment to receive a deeper and effective massage.

Following the healthy indications for pregnancy massage within the scope of this health profession, you can be assured that the treatment is safe and beneficial for both mama and baby.  Sarah will work within your health history past and current symptoms to cater a treatment plan that is personal and effective.

The body cushion system can easily be adapted so that the mom-to-be is very comfortable lying on her side for the treatment too.  The use of the cushions in this manner allows for decreased shoulder compression and spinal and hip alignment.  This is a very comfortable option as well!