Lets face it, no one wants their training and goals to be derailed by an injury!  Targeted Massage Therapy during training and before/after races can greatly reduce your chances of injury by keeping your muscles recovered and healthy.

Ideal times for a therapeutic massage treatment for runners:

- When you feel you are getting tight in an area and it is not warming up and going away on its own, or keeps coming back,

- After longer training sessions or races, or when you are building up endurance, strength or mileage and want to restore and recover quickly before your next workout,

- Before competition or a race to ensure everything is balanced/operating at 100% and is fully recovered from your training,

- After a race or tough training week, and 

- ANYTIME for regular maintenance of a healthy body & soft tissues (for injury prevention).

For Pre-Race massage: 

Most runners find it is best to get the treatment within 3-5 days before the race & up to a week before if areas are very sore and tight (may want 2 treatments within the week or two before the race if that is the case).  

For Post-Race massage: 

Most runners are a bit sore through many muscles and therefore find it too sensitive to have a massage the next day.  On average, runners enjoy the most benefit of going to see an RMT with athletic experience 2-6 days post race for optimum recovery to ensure everything is healthy going forward to additional training or another race.