Glebe Massage Treatment Room

Therapeutic Massage Benefits

The reasons many seek out massage therapy are varied.  Some use it to recover and re-balance injured and tight muscle tissue after an external or internal traumatic event or injury.  Others use it on a regular basis to maintain balance in the body and avoid getting to the point where they are decreased in range of motion or in pain.

Some suffer from chronic pain while others experience occasional repetitive strain pain. Others are looking to feel more balanced and gain a competitive edge when they are training and racing.  

Therapeutic Massage Effects:  

  • reduction in overall muscular tension

  • restoration of length and strength of the muscles
  • Increase in range of motion for the affected and surrounding joints
  • reduction/decreased frequency or cessation of associated pain
  • enhances recovery from injuries and active lifestyle
  • reduction in swelling from accute or chronic injuries
  • injury prevention
  • enhances training and racing for athletes
  • reduces stress levels
  • promotes better sleep
  • with other necessary components, contributes to feelings of wellness.